Closing Out 2022: A Year of Travel

Alaska RV Road Trip Another year past and 2022 is in the books. It seems like just yesterday that our vision of working from the road as we travel in our RV came to fruition. It was just an idea on paper 10 years ago. Today, we’ve hit most of the major National Parks andContinue reading “Closing Out 2022: A Year of Travel”

Mile Zero – Alaska Highway

And we’re off! Leg two has begun and all systems are go to Alaska. As I write this short little blog post to update those of you following our journey, I’m nursing approximately 20 mosquito bites. Apparently no part of the bod is off limits to these relentless creatures. They just don’t stop and youContinue reading “Mile Zero – Alaska Highway”

Snowing in Mt. Hood, Sweltering Everywhere Else

What can you do in 50 degree weather with a steady rain? Turns out a lot. Locals don’t even call it rain. They bike, hike, golf, and run in what I’d call rain. We’re not local and our definition of rain is different, so we decided to take a drive to Hood River and checkContinue reading “Snowing in Mt. Hood, Sweltering Everywhere Else”

Do I Have to Drive or Tow an RV Rental?

No. Delivered RV rentals are now available nationwide. Sometimes described as “dropped”, the emergence of peer to peer RV rental platforms, such as RVPlusYou and others, have made delivered RV rentals more popular than ever. The rental above is available for delivery throughout San Diego county. Hitched RV Rentals specializes in ‘delivered trailer rentals’. NotContinue reading “Do I Have to Drive or Tow an RV Rental?”

How To Build an RV Pad on Your Property

So, we’ve received a lot of questions over the years about where we go when we’re on the road, or where we stay when we visit our kids in San Diego. After all, we’re gone up to 8 months out of the year traveling in our RV and some of that time we’re visiting ourContinue reading “How To Build an RV Pad on Your Property”

What RV Rental Companies Deliver in San Diego County?

Hitched RV Rentals is one of the many great RV rental companies located in San Diego We’ve put together a list of top RV rental companies who deliver and set up at local campground destinations throughout San Diego County. The following is a list of the best places to find RV rentals that can beContinue reading “What RV Rental Companies Deliver in San Diego County?”

RV Travel During a Pandemic

Plans vs. reality Having been affected differently than most by the stay at home order, executed just days after we left California, our current 2020 RV trip requires some explanation to anyone following our 2020 Social Distancing RV Trip, the COVID-19 diversion. The thing about traveling in an RV while you’re supposed to be shelteringContinue reading “RV Travel During a Pandemic”

Why I Purchased the RV SnapPad for my 5th Wheel

If you own an RV, or are in the market for one, you need to consider this product. I don’t rave about much, but in this case I need to share because this RV jack pad makes a huge difference when leveling your rig. Sometimes called an ‘RV leveling pad’ or ‘motorhome jack pad’, theseContinue reading “Why I Purchased the RV SnapPad for my 5th Wheel”