Delivered RV Rentals

Delivered RV Rentals, by owner, is a safe way for RV owners to earn extra income by renting (sharing) their Recreational Vehicle when they’re not using it.

In contrast to the normal RV rental process where the renter drives or tows the RV to it’s destination, usually on a long vacation road trip, the “Delivered RV Rental” is quite different: Renters never drive or tow the rental. Instead the RV owner delivers the RV to the destination and sets it up in advance of the renter’s arrival.

As an outgrowth of this segment of the RV rental industry, RVPlusYou was created. It’s a website designed to bring RV owners together with travelers (renters) who want to experience camping in the great outdoors in comfort.

RV owners have an opportunity to make substantial income and renters get a great RV rental deal without the “white knuckle experience”; driving a huge vehicle on crowded highways. The result: RV rentals by owner, delivered and set up at your destination, ready for your arrival.

There are over 10 million recreational vehicles in North America that sit idle 86% of the time. Why not make it easy for RV owners to share their RV to quality travelers in an easy to offer and safe process?

This blog is all about information on how to rent your RV and earn extra income. You’ll find a turnkey process for beginning your new business and growing it.

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  1. please have someone contact me regarding rental and set up in Avila Beach. Thank you.

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