Port San Luis Harbor Campground, Avila Beach, CA

On the Central Coast of California lies one of the best RV camping locations in the world. The entire world? Really? Are you sure? Answer: Yes, and here’s 5 reasons why:

Micro-Climate – Amazing, even by California beach standards it’s top 5 in the state. It’s sunny even when Pismo Beach is socked in.

Location – On the beach, in the port. It’s “fall out of your chair and into the sand” close.

Pets – Dog beach. Throw a rock and hit it. Pooches love playing in the surf. Bring your dog, but please pick up so we can keep this cool beach amenity.

Amenities – You can’t name one that it doesn’t have. Restaurants, shopping, pier, fishing, kayaking, hiking, golfing, surfing, and the list goes on. Yes, you can walk to it all.

People – Only really cool people are allowed. On each side of your RV you’ll find a couple or family that you really enjoy chatting with. Only in California, only in Avila.

Avila Beach and Port San Luis are true California gems, and like all high value real estate it too will be getting a face lift in the near future with the Port San Luis Harbor Terrace development. What’s in store?

The major upgrade comes in the form of approximately 150 total RV campsites, as well as a number of tent camping and cabin rentals. The future offices of the harbor master will be part of the new development, as well as meeting and conference facilities. There will eventually be a hotel and other new resort type amenities added to the already amazing list that Port San Luis has to offer.

The project isn’t supported by everyone, and there have been some set backs,  as recent articles (1 and 2) have reported, but a surprisingly large majority of the public and Avila Beach community does support the development so it looks like it will move forward. Already the overflow campsites have been closed for construction and eventually the beach side dry camping sites (Nobi Point and Woodyard) will be taken out.

So now is the time to visit if you want to enjoy this amazing facility before it becomes a shiny new resort. It’s already near impossible to get a campsite on a Friday during peak season. Imagine what will this area will be like when the project is finished sometime in 2017.

To get a good lay of the land, check out these pics taken in all of the seasons of 2015, most recently early December. The ave year round temp is around 69 degrees F, and even when the weather is bad, it’s all good in Avila.