Closing Out 2022: A Year of Travel

Alaska RV Road Trip

Another year past and 2022 is in the books. It seems like just yesterday that our vision of working from the road as we travel in our RV came to fruition. It was just an idea on paper 10 years ago. Today, we’ve hit most of the major National Parks and camped in almost all 50 states.

2022 was an eventful year! Let’s see… In January we put stakes down in Arizona, and in February we added a new member to our family! Yes, Atlas Russell, aka. “AT” and grandson number two, was born to Brandon and Dayna on February 12. What a joy little man is, and instant best friends to his brother Bodi.

We spent a good amount of time with Spencer and Melissa building an RV pad at the new house in Mesa. Did some desert hiking and camping all over AZ and Nevada. Spent a lot of time in San Diego getting to know Atlas, and did a fair amount of work on the RV preparing it for the RV Road Trip to Alaska.

We returned to SLO in November and finished the year with Christmas in San Luis Obispo. It was an awesome year and an epic finish. Plans are in developing for more travel in 2023. Stay tuned!

Road Trip Photos and Travel Journal – Alaska 2022

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