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Hitched RV Rentals

Hitched is a new venture in the San Diego market for RV rentals. We deliver, set up, and pick up rentals at area campgrounds, RV parks, events, weddings, and other destinations in and around San Diego County.

Brandon and Dayna do the deliveries for the San Diego RV rentals, Bodi (little guy in the middle) does the supervision. If you need a trailer dropped anywhere in San Diego County, check out the Sonoma. It’s very nice!

2017 Sonoma Travel Trailer – Sleeps Up to 8 – Delivered and Set Up Where You Want It!


CRL-Enterprises is a California corporation owned Cheryl and Russ Lovell (CRL). We started the company in 2006 as a telecom consultancy and since inception, CRL has started or partnered in several start ups. We continue to consult and work in the business voice and data telecom space, but lately we’ve evolved into the recreational vehicle space. Who knows, we may build an RV park one day!

We spend a lot of time on a start up called RVPlusYou. It’s a peer to peer RV rental website that helps RV owners offset costs of ownership. Our rental system allows individual RV owners to easily share their RV with low risk of damage or excessive miles. RV renters get a great deal on an RV rental and owners make some extra money.

We recently launched Hitched RV Rentals in San Diego and it keeps our family busy. The Central Valley RV Rental market is served by Brett, aka. “Uncle Buck” who rents out his 34′ Vortex. We all love integrating work and business into our lifestyle.

RV Lifestyle

Having embarked on the “second half”, you know… kids gone and us asking each other what’s next, the RV lifestyle fits really well, especially given our interests in travel, family, and outdoor sports. An RV, rented or owned, can open up all kinds of options related to getting outside, recreation, exploring, raising a family, making memories, etc.

What is the RV Lifestyle? Well, there are two variations. One is more of a “weekend warrior” lifestyle, and the second is part-time or full time RV living. Both are nomadic, comfortable living with mobility and flexibility.

Whether you’re a full-timer, part-timer, or a weekend warrior, the RV is simply your shelter while “camping around” and doing what you love outdoors. It’s all related to being outside, exploring, or following your sport or hobby. So, if you put all of these things together, you get a sense of the RV lifestyle.

Technology has opened up all kinds of possibilities for the young and the old. Millennials typically think mobile, so an RV can be a really good option for developers, writers, and other careers that don’t require you to be at an office desk 8-5 everyday.

Most people ask why, but the young ask why not? What a great mantra! The young and old are adopting the nomadic RV Lifestyle at a very fast rate, well over one million full-timers, approaching 2 million people are on the road right now!

Because of advances in data, software, communications, solar, power technology, and now a worldwide pandemic, everyone is looking at the RV lifestyle as a solution to modern problems. Many people now have the freedom to execute on that question; Why not?

Working on the road

We’ve been in the tech space all our lives, raising our kids on the Central Coast of California. We now spend about 6+ months of the year on the road. While traveling, we lease our home, and while at home we rent out our RV. It’s one way to keep assets working to support our lifestyle.

With access to multiple mobile networks that keep getting better and better, we can stay connected to friends and family, charities we love (like Jack’s Helping Hand), and also our work. Every morning Alexa makes sure we wake to KCBX, and our 960 watts of solar panels keep our AGM batteries topped up to provide all the power we need.


What’s the purpose of this blog? What is our mission?

There are two primary objectives for this blog. First, is documenting and sharing the experience of this chapter of our lives. If what we write or share inspires others to get outside, or live mobile… we’re happy.

Second is to communicate to others how to buy, how to own, and how to sell an RV. All three of these activities are important because the “first bite” of the RV lifestyle can be very frustrating. It’s the reason you hear some new RV owner’s tell horror stories about their purchase. It’s the reality behind the popular boat anecdote; ‘the best two days of my life were the day I bought my boat, and the day I sold it.’ Make no mistake, this goes for RV’s as well and it’s true. RV’s and boats can become money pits, and they can be very frustrating.

Our mission is to teach people a better way to buy, to own, and to sell “assets” like RV’s. By reducing the cost of ownership, one can increase the value of RV’ing, getting outside, staying healthy, and making a lifetime of memories. We hope you get some value out of what we share!

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