Mile Zero – Alaska Highway

And we’re off! Leg two has begun and all systems are go to Alaska.

As I write this short little blog post to update those of you following our journey, I’m nursing approximately 20 mosquito bites. Apparently no part of the bod is off limits to these relentless creatures. They just don’t stop and you can never let your guard down.

Today we crossed into the Yukon and have witnessed amazing scenery. The glacier lakes, mountain peaks, and wildlife is breath-taking. Every turn makes you want to stop and take photos, but the best you can do is just slow down. Cheryl has become a quick draw on her phone. Most of those photos are her doing.

Aside from the scare on the 13% grade, all is going well at around 3,400 miles since San Diego. The brake rewire at Dawson Creek is holding and the truck is performing exactly as it should. It’s a beast of an engine, powerful, and so reliable.

We’re having a fantastic time and getting along well after our 3 to 5 hour daily drives. We try to arrive before happy hour, set up, and then go explore either on bikes, foot, or in the truck.

Our last journal entry is Sikanni River Campground. I’ll write about that stop later, but for now it’s dinner time. Navy bean soup and grilled cheese is on the menu. Until next time, check the Alaska page for the latest photos.

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