How does RVPlusYou Work?

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RV owners earn extra income. Renters simply check in.

N O  D R I V I N G

RVPlusYou is a unique online platform connecting RV renters to RV owners who will deliver and set up their recreational vehicle at desirable destinations worldwide, such as campgrounds, beaches, national parks, wineries, ranches and special events. That’s right, RVPlusYou only rents delivered and set up RVs—no driving for renters and limited risk for owners!

W I N  –  W I N

By logging on to, RV owners create a free detailed listing of their unit with photos, amenities offered, and locations they are willing to deliver to. RV renters search the global database of exciting destinations, then click to see a list of owners willing to stage their RVs at each location. Campground reservations can be made by either party. RV owners drive their unit to the mutually agreed upon location, set it up, and can even offer to share camping gear or help stock provisions. Renters simply drive up and start enjoying the great outdoors, usually at a lower rate than renting a big, hard to drive motor home from the corporate guys. Owners earn extra income from an under-utilized asset and renters enjoy the camping experience without the hassles and costs of owning and driving an RV. A win-win!

E X T R A  S P A C E

RVs can be reserved for delivery at private homes for family reunions, weddings or special occasions when the house is full of guests. With a full kitchen and bath, a delivered RV from RVPlusYou is a perfect solution for long or short term rentals needed for temporary housing or extended work projects.

T R U S T is a trust-based platform, meaning all parties involved are reviewed and rated by users of the site, assuring a safe, quality experience. The secure, state-of-the-art system handles all phases of the transaction, including availability calendar, reservations, deposits, payments, and offers 24-hour support to renters and owners.

C O N C I E R G E  S E R V I C E  P R O V I D E R S

Recreational vehicle storage and maintenance companies are also invited to join the marketplace as “Concierge Service Providers,” offering towing, check-in, set-up, cleaning and maintenance to RV owners who wish to outsource those services. In addition, RVPlusYou brings new customers to existing RV rental firms who are welcome to take advantage of’s free listing and reservation software.

S I G N  U P  N O W !

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and join our community! Becoming a member is easy and free and gives you access to all our features with no obligation. Whether you’re looking to earn extra income from your under-used RV, or searching for an unforgettable family vacation, RVPlusYou has the answer!

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