Do I Have to Drive or Tow an RV Rental?

No. Delivered RV rentals are now available nationwide. Sometimes described as “dropped”, the emergence of peer to peer RV rental platforms, such as RVPlusYou and others, have made delivered RV rentals more popular than ever.
Travel Trailer Rental delivered

The rental above is available for delivery throughout San Diego county. Hitched RV Rentals specializes in ‘delivered trailer rentals’.

5th Wheel Rental available for delivery

Not all ‘delivered RV rentals’ are travel trailers, some are 5th wheels. Occasionally you will find Class C and Class A motorhomes available for delivery as well.

Why rent a delivered RV, rather than a drivable RV?

The biggest reason to rent a delivered RV is cost. It can be much less expensive to rent a delivered RV, as opposed to one you can drive.
RV Rental at Mission Bay San Diego

Why is a delivered RV rental generally less expensive than a drivable RV rental?

The main reason for the high cost of drivable RV rentals is the cost of insurance. Insuring novice drivers for an RV carries a huge amount of liability.

The cost to maintain a motorhome is always going to be more expensive than a travel trailer, yet the amenities are identical: Kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms, both RV’s have them. In many cases, travel trailers have more room because they don’t have engines.

Maintenance is one reason for higher cost, but the photo to the left illustrates the main reason why drivable rentals are more expensive than deliverable RV rentals. This was a first time RV renter in panic mode.

The cost to insure novice drivers is extraordinary, see details. In most cases, this cost must be passed on to the renter.

In the case of delivered RV rentals, the insurance cost is very low resulting in a much lover overall cost.

In addition to a lower cost of the RV rental, there is more service: For a small fee, delivery, set up, and pick up are all included! You don’t even have to empty the tank!

Not all vacations can utilize a delivered RV rental service. Sometimes you just need to hit the road. However, plan on a bigger RV rental budget for drivable RV’s vs. delivered RV rentals.

If you would like more information about delivered RV rentals, give us a call or email us about having one of our rentals delivered to your next family reunion, camping trip, or event!

Published by Russ Lovell

I am partner and co-founder at, a peer to peer sharing platform: RV Rentals by owner, delivered and setup at your destination, ready for your arrival. RV owners earn extra income via an easy, safe and proven rental process. RV renters enjoy hassle free outdoor accommodations in a clean comfortable RV delivered, setup and ready upon arrival to just about any destination. Weddings, camping trips, retreats, and events. It's like a vacation rental on wheels, anywhere you want it! I live and work from the road now, along with my wife, we travel the US and Canada about 6 to 9 months a year. We love travel, whether it's around the country in our RV, or overseas. Memories, knowledge, and experience are the "things" you get to take with you. "Stuff" is temporary. An entrepreneur and inventor at heart, I love to build and create. Life is full of opportunities, niches, concepts, and perspective. Figuring out what works and where value can be created and delivered is magical.

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