Why I Purchased the RV SnapPad for my 5th Wheel

If you own an RV, or are in the market for one, you need to consider this product. I don’t rave about much, but in this case I need to share because this RV jack pad makes a huge difference when leveling your rig.

5th wheel using RV SnapPadsSometimes called an ‘RV leveling pad’ or ‘motorhome jack pad’, these are essentially shoes for your RV. Most leveling jacks have metal feet which holds up the weight of your rig. Most RV owners simply use blocks or plastic snap pads to cushion the stress.

The problem is that a metal jack, set on top of the ground, a wood or plastic block, or a brick, is not stable. Not only do your jacks get torn up, but they’re a pain to set each time. The metal jack can slip against the block, especially at a site that isn’t level.

When we purchased our new 5th wheel last year, the service guy said, “look, I don’t make a commission on this product, but the best jack pads out there are SnapPads. Order them online, they’ll be there when you get home, you’ll be glad you bought them.”

RV SnapPad installedHe explained the concept, it made sense; a durable hard rubber shoe for your jack that stays on the jack. It protects the jack and provides grip with whatever it meets to hold up your rig, whether it be ground or block. I took the advice and I’m so glad I did, mainly for two reasons:

  1. Because they work. I did 8,000 miles last summer along with dozens of other smaller trips since we bought the RV, those pads saved time, aggravation, and provided peace of mind knowing that my 3 ton rig wasn’t going to slip off the blocks. I press auto level and I’m set.
  2. Customer service. It turns out that didn’t install one of the pads correctly, and after a year of heavy use, I hit a tire tread on the freeway. The rear wheel of my truck kicked it up and hit the front ShapPad that was damaged. I watched it fall off in the side mirror… lost. I had to buy a replacement. When the company learned about my mishap through my product review, they promptly credited my replacement purchase and called to follow up. Wow. Who provides that kind of service these days?

So, for those two reasons, I simply had to share in a bigger way than just an online review. If you’re in the market for jack pads, or you’re tired of buying plastic lego blocks, I recommend looking at RV SnapPads. The product works, and the company is first class.

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