Time for the Wildflower Triathlon

Again, RVPlusYou will be a major sponsor for this epic event.

If you’re in to Tri’s you are probably already registered, or this event is on your bucket list. But if you don’t know Wildflower and you like to camp, bike, hike, listen to music, or you are simply alive and enjoy having fun with cool people. Plan to visit Wildflower, it’s fun for the whole family.

We’re going, and yes our little travel trailer will be up there providing a good night sleep to one of the participants. Below is our set up at Lynch last year for the Tri-Cal staff.

Lynch campground Wildflower 2015

This year we’re renting over 20 locally owned RV’s to various athletes and families attending. Awesome that we have local RV owners sharing, renting, delivering, and setting up their RV’s at the campground for the participants to use. These world class athletes have traveled from all over the world to attend and compete! They’ll get a good night sleep too.

If you’re a SLO local and want to visit for the day, it’s an easy 40 minute drive from Paso Robles, CA. Come out and enjoy the festivities! More information at Wildflower. If you’re an RV owner and you’d like to share your RV with an athlete next year, sign up at RVPlusYou! We’ll put a few bucks in your pocket!

Below is a slide show of a few pics from Wildflower 2015 and various RV rentals that will be out there again this year.

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