Wildflower Triathlon Camping



How best to camp at a Wildflower Triathlon really depends on ones taste in accommodations, but I think most attendees agree on a two things:

a) For the best all around experience, camp at the event. Don’t sleep off campus; you won’t have any fun. On top of that you have to drive an hour to find a hotel. Just stay where the party is!

b) If you can afford it, rent, borrow, or steal an RV. Look, tents will do their job, but let’s not glamorize sleeping in the dirt. It is what it is.

On these two things, most of us agree, but I’ll peel back the onion just a bit with a few points.

First, my bias is pretty obvious but just in case it’s not apparent; I represent RVPlusYou.

RV rental set up and ready for arrival

Yeah, so feel free to take a shot at me but know that I’ve already laid down my cards and I think it’s a pretty cool concept that takes gas hogs off the road, helps owners pay the storage and maintenance, and allows athletes a good night’s sleep without breaking the bank.

Point one; If you can have it delivered and set up, why drive it? Let someone else take that risk and fuel expense. Save fuel, go green and have it delivered to your campsite. Besides, it’s so easy to hit stuff while driving a big box: cars, curbs, trees, people. Stick to what you know; your own car and competing in tri’s.

Airstream 9Point two; Do you care if it’s used?

If you rent from a local owner, who just used it last weekend, guest what; the stuff you need is likely to be in there: Chairs, BBQ, lanterns, cooking oil, kitchen utensils, trash bags, etc.
On top of that, the fridge probably works. You get the point.

Look, the Nuun guys like it

Point three; Bed vs. ground. This is a general point on comfort. If you’re preparing for a big race, then getting proper rest and good food is probably important and worth the cost. How about some privacy, climate control, and all those other amenities that come with it? It all adds up to being the best you can be while having the most fun you can have.

Point four; Organization at an event of this size is very important and difficult. The people at Tri-Cal who put this event on know their stuff. They’ve been doing it a long while and they have it down. If you rent a delivered RV for your reserved campsite, then everything will be organized. Your RV will be in the right campsite next to your friends, (maybe in tents sleeping on rocks).TriCal Event Banner_2016

So, when it comes to camping at Wildflower for this world renown triathlon… take my very biased but logical advice: Rent an RV from a local RV owner and have it delivered, get the most from this amazing event!



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