About RV Space Rentals

Why rent out your extra space?

We first heard this question while watching Conan O’ Brien who rented out his studio in 2012 through Airbnb. We joined the platform shortly after, rented a few rooms from early adopters of the concept, then began renting out our house and RV as hosts on the platform in 2013.

The peer to peer concept is a simple idea that can be applied to just about anything. Why not your extra space for RV’ers?

In late 2021 we tested the idea, again on Airbnb. Since then, we’ve had great success hosting RV’ers from all over the US and Canada!

How to build an RV space in your backyard

In 2017 our kids bought a home in Poway, CA and started their family. We wanted to visit often, and since they had the space, we decided to build an RV pad next to their house with full hook ups. Check out the details here.

We spend a good amount of time traveling in our RV, and we spend a good amount of time visiting our kids and grandkids. This makes the perfect sense for us and our lifestyle.

Our RV space rental approach

Our youngest son and his new wife moved to Mesa, AZ. Naturally, we had to have a place to park the rig, so we built another pad at their home. Arizona is a much more friendly Airbnb state than California. As long as you’re paying taxes, not bothering neighbors, and generally providing a valuable service to your guests, why not?

The RV space we rent via Airbnb at the Mesa house is super nice. It’s got plenty of room for the biggest rigs made, plus their tow vehicles and their toys. The space is private and fenced so that kids and pets can be contained.

When we’re not in Mesa or Poway, we’re usually on a road trip. If we’re not home in Mesa, our kids rent out their extra space on Airbnb to help supplement their budget. It’s really no different than renting out a room.

We can help you build your RV space rental

We’re currently in the process developing a business model that would help others develop their land to include an RV space rental. We’ll help you build it and then rent it. Our fees come from the rental income. No money out of pocket!

“This is a great spot for RV’s. Spencer and Melissa are great hosts. Our only regret is that we couldn’t stay longer”

— Alia (a happy guest)